Date: 2009-06-24 10:09:50

From 16th to 18th June 2009 Kyustendil Regional History Museum holds a three-day workshop on problems concerning the culture tourism development within the FYR Macedonia Bulgaria cross-border region, distinguishing cross-border cultural tourism routes and on estimating the needs for further investments in tourist sector.
The workshop is a part of the Kyustendil History Museum project after Phare Neighbourhood Programme Sustainable Development Grant Scheme Bulgaria FYR of Macedonia 2005 Improving the Tourist Infrastructure in Kyustendil Region for Sustainable Cross-border Development BG2005/017-456.01.11. Nine mounicipal coincillors from Municipality City of Stip as representatives of the cross-border partner and the director of the Stip History Museum Zoran Chitkushev took part in the seminar representing the historical and economical development of the Stip region. Other Workshop participants were representatives of the Kyustendil Municipality and the District with Administrative Center Kyustendil, project partners too, Nevestino Municipality, cultural institutions from Kyustendil, tourist travel agency, Kyustendil Tourism Council, etc.


This announcement was printed from Regional Historical Museum - Kyustendil