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Date: 2014-12-16 14:20:31

Project RECALL - Recalling the Roma and Sinti Holocaust: Paths inside the Memory

Kyustendil Regional History Museum is a partner in an international project focused on the Roma and Sinti Holocaust during the Second World War, the so called "Samudaripen" (in Romania) and "Porrajmos" (in Italy). The project’s title is RECALL - Recalling the Roma and Sinti Holocaust: Paths Inside the Memory and is financed within the Europe for Citizens Programme, Strand 1 – European Remembrance. The activities lasting from the 1st of October 2014 till the 30th of September 2015 are implemented by 6 organizations from 3 countries Italy, Romania and Bulgaria: National Opera Nomadi (Italy, project Promoter), Lucian Blaga University in Sibiu (Romania), Regional History Museum "Academician Yordan Ivanov" in Kyustendil (Bulgaria), Romani CRISS - Roma Center for Social Intervention and Studies in Bucharest (Romania), LARGO Association – Liberal Alternative for Roma Civil Unification in Kyustendil (Bulgaria), Vidya Art and Culture of Asia in Rome (Italy).

The RECALL project will promote, in the course of its implementation, an international joint reflection on the "Porrajmos" (or "Samudaripen") - the extermination of the Roma, Sinti and Travellers in the Second World War and the persecution happened since 1936 in Germany-, as well as on the deportations in Romania and Italy, suffered by these people.
The information on the contribution, yet very little is known, that Roma and Sinti people gave to the Resistance and Liberation from Nazi-fascism, will be disseminated.
The support of Europe in this initiative reflects the increasingly strong interest and commitment of the Union to the more than 12 million of Roma/Sinti people living on its territory, in favor of a deeper knowledge of the history of this people, according to an intercultural perspective. Equally strong is the commitment to the reflection on the roots of prejudice against this minority, unfortunately still alive.
Of such history of violence, the extermination of Roma and Sinti represents a forgotten page, of which too often, the Roma people themselves do not preserve and celebrate the memory.
Under the Project, Italy will promote a transnational dialogue, proposing a series of initiatives designed as an unprecedented trip through the trans generational memory of the Roma/Sinti people in all countries directly involved in the RECALL project: Romania (where about 2 millions of Roma live, of which at least 1/4 emigrated to the entire Western world to Australia and North America, because of the unbearable conditions of economic and social disparities created by the fall of Socialism), Italy (where there are approximately 200,000 Roma people - almost all living in stable and mononuclear housing -, Sinti and Travellers, the latter partly semi-nomadic) and Bulgaria (the country where the Roma amounted to about 500,000, and where the memory of the Nazi-fascist extermination is less vivid), with events also in Yugoslavia and Germany.
The memories of the protagonists of this travel into memory will be made accessible to all, through: video interviews and publications, in all the countries involved in the project, to Roma/Sinti people (also new and original) that will create in the end a documentary; dissemination workshops at several schools in the partner countries and interactive workshops focused on storytelling and performances that will allow to appreciate the culture of the Roma/Sinti people; conferences and commemoration events.
It will also be an exhibition with materials of tangible and intangible Romanì / Sinta culture.

From the First Project Newsletter

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