During 2006 Regional History Museum – Kyustendil ...
Date: 2006-12-08 14:46:45

During 2006 Regional History Museum – Kyustendil developed three own projects for cross-border collaboration for financing by EU PHARE Programme of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works in Bulgaria:

1)Neghbourhood Programme 2004 between Bulgaria and Serbia and Montenegro - BG 2004/016-785.01.02 - Joint Small Projects Fund “The Cultural Heritage of Municipalities of Kyustendil, Trekliano and Bosilegrad – a Background for Sustainable Cross-border Cultural and Economical Exchange”;
2)Neghbourhood Programme 2004 between Bulgaria and FYR of Macedonia BG 2004/016-786.01.02 - Joint Small Projects Fund “Together along the Holy Places of Osogovo Mountain”;
3)Neghbourhood Programme between Bulgaria and FYROM - BG 2004/016-786.01.01 - Grant scheme for Nature protection, valorisation of cultural heritage and cooperation among public institutions at regional and local level “The Valorized Cultural Heritage of Kjustendil and Kratovo – A Common Route from the Past to the Future”.

This announcement was printed from Regional Historical Museum - Kyustendil