On 15th of November 2007 ...
Date: 2008-03-25 14:24:13

On 15th of November 2007 started a Project of Italian organization EURO INNOVANET after LLP-Leonardo Da Vinci Programme (2007-2010), LLP-LDV/TOI/07/IT/016. the Project is funded by European Commission and is implemented in a partnership between eight organizations from Italia, Romania and Bulgaria - EURO INNOVANET (Project Co-ordinator); City of Rome; Pitigliano Museum; Ce.Ri.S. Centro Ricerche Sociali Soc.Coop. a.r l.; Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu; Banat Museum, Timisoara; Culture Animi Foundation, Sofia; Regional History Museum “Academician Jordan Ivanov”, town of Kyustendil. Project Associates from Bulgaria are also Regional History Museum, Ruse and Archeological Museum, Veliko Turnovo.

The title of the Project is F-M.U.S.EU.M (Form Multimedia System for a European Museum) and its general aim is the transfer and systematization of outcomes and outputs achieved and realised during the implementation of the project MU.S.EU.M. It has been proved the effectiveness of the training, organizational and communication Model produced during the project, in answering to the increasing need, within the museum sector, of new professional competences concerning the planning and management of a mix of culture-art-technology-economy, implying innovative modalities to present and divulge cultural heritages that symbolize not only the specific national identities, but also the European one.

The main outcome the Project is going to create and to build on the established one, is European Virtual Museum, www.europeanvirtualmuseum.net, including materials from the museum partners’ collections, photographed in detail and three-dimensionally presented. Beside the detailed description of each of the exhibits in four languages (English, Italian, Bulgarian and Romanian), there will be prepared and published articles interpreting parallels on common European level.

The specific goals of the proposal are:

• to realize a transfer action so as to foster the development of 4 specific professional branches of the museum sector (management, technical, contents and communication), in order to answer to the fast evolution that the technological and organization innovations are imposing to the management and valorization of cultural properties by wider and wider categories of users;

• to promote the adoption of the F-MU.S.EU.M. innovative lifelong learning model, through the contents, linguistic and technological updating of the prototypical product;

• to realize the necessary adjustment of the training model through the activation of local laboratories for the experimentation, within the 3 countries partner.

The partnership hold the whole range of competences required for the project implementation: research and training centers, Museums, Institutional local administrations, organizations with technological expertise.

Among the expected outcomes, also in terms of impact, in addition to the further development of the existent website and to the improvement of the competences of the targeted - professional profiles, can be listed the following:

• updating of data and information (on European scale and starting from a field analysis), related to the occupational and professional needs of the different professional profiles working within the sector of the museum data transmission offer, in order to foster and support the guidance process addressed to both young unemployed and adults in need of professional retraining, and providing a tool for the elaboration of a strategy aimed at facing the labour market;
• creation of a Network for the continuous training of European museums, given the meaningful translational character of the project;
• providing the partner representing countries entered in Europe recently with the opportunity of adopt and experimenting training innovative and technologically advanced practices, that can support the process - still in progress - of modernization of the public administrations, being the last a priority indicated by the European community in the pre-admission period.
The dead line of Project implementation is 14th of November 2009.

This announcement was printed from Regional Historical Museum - Kyustendil