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Prehistoric Thracia 6th 3rd Millennium B.C. Exhibition ...
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NewsPrehistoric Thracia 6th 3rd Millennium B.C. Exhibition is visiting the Regional History Museum in Kyustendil from April to September 2011

The joint exhibition of the museums in Stara Zagora, Yambol, Nova Zagora, Radnevo and Pazardzhik Prehistoric Thracia 6th 3rd Millennium B.C. will be exposed at the Kyustendil Regional History Museum from April 2001 to September 2011. It is exhibited at the Ahmeb Bey Mosque Exhibition Hall situated closed to the Ancient Roman Therms in Kyustendil. The exhibition shows marvelous artifacts of the rich prehistoric collections of the five Bulgarian museums among which are the following distinguished vessels: the anthrop-zoomorphic vessel with the image of two human bodies male and female from Starozagorski Minaralni Bani; the ceramic female figurine from the village of Sarnevo, Stara Zagora district; the richly decorated vessel with graphite and red coloured paint from the village of Yunatsite, Pazardzhik district; the unique collection of miniature vessels from the settlement mound near the village of Drama, Yambol district and lots of other interesting exhibits.

Unquestionably, the exhibition reveals that for two millennia period, along the Upper Thracian Plain, there has been developing a brilliant culture of the ancient agricultural societies that established the bases of the European civilization. Within the regions of Yambol, Nova Zagora, Radnevo, Stara Zagora, Pazardzhik situated in the Upper Thracian Plain there have been registered over 450 prehistoric settlement mounds and open settlements revealing an astonishing location of people during the Late Prehistory (the 6th the 3rd millennium B.C.).

Exhibition opening: the 7th of April 2011, 5.00 p.m.
Venue: Ahmed Bey Mosque Exhibition Hall in Kyustendil


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