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NewsThe Regional History Museum "Academician Yordan Ivanov" Kyustendil was awarded a grant after IPA Cross-Border Programme, Bulgaria FYR of Macedonia, CCI Number 2007CB16IPO007 to implement the Project Cultural Heritage of Our Ancestors Spiritual Mainstay of Our Common European Future. The duration of the project is 12 months and its commencement date is 24th of July 2012. It will be implemented jointly with the Municipality of Kriva Palanka in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia acting as the cross-border partner.

The Project activities are to be implemented in the both sides of the border including the following:

- archive documents examination and a mutual inquiry card model for the tangible and intangible cultural heritage development;

- undertaking complex terrain expeditions on the territory of the cross-border region Kyustendil Kriva Palanka and development of data base on the tangible and intangible cross-border cultural heritage.

- preparation and organization of 2 two-day Festivals of traditional culture in Kyustendil and Kriva Palanka with review-spectacles of traditional garment, childrens holidays The Games of Our Grandpas and Grandmas and cross-border traditional cuisine exhibitions;

- organizing a two-day seminar Borderless Cultural Heritage in Kriva Palanka with the participation of experts from Bulgaria and FYR of Macedonia working in the field of Kyustendil Kriva Palanka cross-border cultural heritage studying;

- elaboration and promotion of advertising information materials (cultural products);

- Elaboration and promotion of 2 photo exhibitions on the cross-border cultural heritage.

- project promotion and visibility actions.

The activities are directed to accomplishing the following specific objectives: 1. Fostering the cross-border cooperation in the field of cultural affairs through establishing new contacts between actors of traditional arts from the cross-border region and implementing new joint cultural events and festivals. 2. Improving the capacity of local authorities and institutions from the cross-border region to sustainable and reasonable use of cultural heritage through identification, documenting, registering and developing of common data base. 3. Promotion of sharing cultural values and intangible cultural heritage from the districts of Kyustendil (R Bulgarian) and Kriva Palanka (FYR of Macedonia) through creation and promotion of new cross-border cultural products brochures, guidebook, exhibitions. 4. Building on the established cross-border collaboration between the municipalities of Kyustendil and Kriva Palanka through enhancing the spheres of cooperation and establishing of new relations to develop and implement joint projects and activities.
As a whole, the Project aims at establishing sustainable collaboration within the border area between Kyustendil in Republic of Bulgaria and South Eastern region in the FYR of Macedonia through developing sustainable programmes for cultural and economic exchange. The overall objective of the project is directed to the improvement of quality of life in the region through protection and reasonable use of tangible and intangible cultural resources and values as a resource for sustainable social economic development and a factor for rapprochement, cultural exchange and mutual understanding between people from both sides of the border.

The main results that will be achieved after the Project activities implementation are:

- mutual inquiry card model elaborated;

- data base on the tangible and intangible cross-border cultural heritage developed;

- 2 two-day Festivals of traditional culture in Kyustendil and Kriva Palanka with review-spectacles of traditional garment from the region, childrens holidays The Games of Our Grandpas and Grandmas and cross-border traditional cuisine exhibitions organized, held and visited;

- advertising information materials (cultural products) elaborated and promoted: 6 types of brochures (3 Bulgarian/English and 3 Macedonian/English); 2 guidebooks On the Road of Legends (1 Bulgarian English and 1 Macedonian/English); 2 photo exhibitions elaborated and promoted in Kyustendil and Kriva Palanka (1 Bulgarian/English and 1 Macedonian/English);

- Borderless Cultural Heritage Two-Day Seminar organized in Kriva Palanka and 1 book of collected articles printed;

- 1 common cross-border project visible promoted by 4 press conferences in Kyustendil and Kriva Palanka organized, 1 Project promotion English/Bulgarian/Macedonia leaflet printed, 2 banners and 2 visibility boards elaborated and fixed.
The Project activities and results are directed to the following target groups: cultural and folk groups and teams, individual performers, artists, children, craftsmen, members of artistic groups and teams, gastronomes; teachers and students from Kyustendil, Bobov Dol, Nevestino and Kriva Palanka; citizens of the municipalities of Kyustendil, Bobov Dol, Nevestino and Kriva Palnka; tourists and visitors of the Kyustendil - Kriva Palanka cross border region; museum specialists and scientific workers archeologists, historians, ethnologists, scientists of art, architects, linguists and other publicists and researchers.


Regional Historical Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov, Kyustendil - 2004-2006