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New Numismatic Exhibition ...
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NewsNew numismatic exhibition of Regional History Museum Kyustendil was opened on 17th of May 2008 in the occasion of the International Museums Day May 18th. It is arranged at the Asklepius exhibition hall (55 Bulgaria St.) and presents a significant part of the museums numismatic wealth. There are exposed silver and bronze coins of Macedonian kings, of several Balkan and Asia Minor ancient polises, (5th 2nd century BC), Roman republican denarii and coins minted during the period of the Roman Empire (1st 5th century). Roman provincial coins issued by the governments of number of cities within the territory of the Roman Empire, which represent local special features, events, persons, architectural monuments, are pretty particular in their peculiarity and uniqueness. The exhibition contains also coins from Middle Ages copper and warped coins from Byzantium and Bulgaria, Venetian silver coins and Ducati. A part of the numismatic collection of coins from Late Middle Ages and Bulgarian Renaissance Epoch is presented too - silver thalers of Western European rulers and cities and Ottoman coins.

The information given by the exhibited coins is complemented by the exposed maps and photos illustrating the coin circulation within the region of Kyustendil. Exhibition authors main idea is not only to be presented the most attractive coins and coin finds, but also visitors to be given more general image about the monetary circulation in the region of Kyustendil and Kyustendil district.


Regional Historical Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov, Kyustendil - 2004-2006