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Holy Places in Kyustendil District
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NewsThe district of Kyustendil impresses with its unique nature, fertile land, flushing healing thermal springs. Important road arteries cross here and the picturesque valley of Struma River that runs across the whole region from North to South and the territories along its fast streaming feeders, which rise from softly rounded forest eminences of the Osogovo Mountain and the imposing Rila, are covered with numerous monuments of culture from all historic epochs... it is just a part of the introductory text of the new thematic internet site of the Regional History Museum Academician Jordan Ivanov developed after Project Together along the Holy Places of the Osogovo Mountain and financed by EU PHARE Neighbourhood Programme Bulgaria FYR of Macedonia 2004 - BG 2004/016-786.01.02.01.

Along with detailed information about interesting objects and cult places situated on the territory of municipalities of Kyustendil, Nevestino, Boboshevo, Rila and Kocherinovo, the site presents also the same name 25 minutes video film, a Project product too. It is available on address: http://holyplaces-kn.com


Regional Historical Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov, Kyustendil - 2004-2006