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Fund Pre-history stock of the Kyustendil Historical Museum was established as a result of many years dedicated to collection and research work. The stock comprises objects from the New Stone Age (VII -VI millennia BC), Stone- Copper Age (V- IV millennia BC) and the Bronze Age (end of IV millennium BC- 1200 BC). Till 2002 the stock comprises of 3675 items, divided in collections- tools, weapons, ceramic containers, cult objects, models, ornaments, and others. All finds have been excavated on the territory of Kyustendil region. They have been found in archeological research in the area of the town of Sapareva Banya and the villages Slatino, Syakovo, Krainitsi, Vaksevo, Nevestino, Mala fucha, and Iliya, as well as in field works, and agricultural and building works.

  1. Ceramic item with small pits, Eneolith, village of Slatino- stock number KnAI OF- 834
  2. Copper axe- hammer, Eneolith, village of Radlovtsi- stock number KnAI OF- 539
  3. Head of a clay anthropomorphic man’s figure, Eneolith, village of Slatino- stock number KnAI OF- 749

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The "Ancient stock" includes over 1300 items- main stock and 300 items- scientific stock, as well as other additional collections. The Ancient stock consists of two sections:
Stock ‘Before the Roman Period’ (1200 BC- I century AD);
Stock Roman and Early Byzantine Period (I-IV centuries);
The stock ‘Before the Roman period’ was established in the last two decades after necropolis research. Some of the most important collections are: necropolis near the village of Katrishte, Kyustendil region (end of VII century BC- beginning of VI century BC); mound near the village of Dolna Koznitsa (Kyustendil) and mound finds from Kyustendil.

The stock from the Roman and early Byzantine period (I-VI century) comprises the following collections: Arts ceramics from Pautalia, Bronze plastic arts from Pautalia, etc.

  • Silver round ornament IV century BC, stock number IM OF II- 147
  • Red-polished jug III- IV century, stock number IM OF II- 247
  • Spheroid container with carved scenes II century, stock number IM OF II- 289

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Stock Middle Ages
The stock comprises in total 841 items from the middle ages: 354 items in the Main stock and 487 items in the scientific stock. The objects are divided in four main collections: ceramics, ornaments, weaponry, and tools.

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