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History of the Bulgarian lands in XV-XIX centuries

Collection of Medieval prints Kyustendils history in XV-XIX centuries is represented by precious collections of medieval prints, icons, church plates, weapons, traditional clothes and objects from everyday life. In our site you can get to know this outstanding collection of medieval prints.

During the period of the Bulgarian Revival (V-ղ centuries), a new type of art came into being and got spread- the prints. One of the richest collections of medieval prints in Bulgaria is stored in the Regional Historical Museum, Kyustendil. The collection includes 125 works by famous and not so famous woodcutters from Aton and Jerusalem, as well as works by all Bulgarian masters and schools. This richness allows us to trace the development of the print art in Bulgaria and see how the Bulgarian artists break the Byzantine tradition, imposing their conception of the world, the Bulgarian local colour and sounding.

  1. Monk Cyril Serbian tsars and archbishops, copperplate, Historical Museum, Kyustendil, inventory number 660
  2. Svetagora print St. George, copperplate, 1853, Historical Museum, Kyustendil, inventory number 648

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Regional Historical Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov, Kyustendil - 2004-2006