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Museum of history - Pernik
2 Fizkulturna str.
Tel. 076 603118, 603737
E-mail: muzeum@rotop.com

Historical overview: The museum is founded in 1953. In 1959 it was transformed in District Historical museum of general type, and has sections Archaeology, Etnography, Labor Movement, Socialistic Development, Mine Coal Development, and collections prehistoric vessels, commemorate tablets of Thracian Horseman, Regan coin hoard, icon collection of 18-19 century, archaelogical materials of medieval fortress Pernik (8th -12th century), original images of Busin ceramic school, collection of college boys masks, photo collection of Mask Games Fair in Pernik, clothing and fabrics. Research and restoration activity is done on following archaeological monuments: Thracian sanctuary center from 2nd-4th century in Church borough, Roman villa in Kralevdol village, medieval fortress Pernik in Krakra place.

The exhibition contains the stocks Archaeology, Etnography.

Working time: 9.00 12.00, 13.00 17.00. Non-working days: Saturday and Sunday.

Entrance fee: 0.50 lv, foreign tourists 2.00 lv
Lecture 3.00 lv (foreign tourists 6.00 lv).

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Art Gallery Lyuben Gaidarov

1 Krakra square
Tel.: 076 60 46 33, 60 19 83
Fax: 076/ 60 46 33

Art Hall

.: 076/60 03 63

Cultural Informational Center

Tel.: 076/ 60 25 18

Historical overview: Art Gallery Lyuben Gaydarov is founded in 1958, Gallery Cultural Center in 1993, Art Hall in 1996.

The object of their activity is gallery-exhibition development, presentation of items of fine art, photo-taking activity, as well as unconventional events of plastic art. The fund contains 1682 number of paintings, sculptures, tiny plastics and ceramics. The exhibitions are temporary they are one-man show, joint exhibitions, group exhibitions and gallery stock exhibition.

The exhibitions are temporary they are one-man show, joint exhibitions, group exhibitions and gallery stock exhibition.

Working time:
Art Gallery Lyuben Gaydarov - 9.00 17.00, Gallery Cultural Center - 10.00 18.00, Art Hall 9.00 17.00.

Non-working days: Saturday and Sunday

Entrance fee free of charge

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Regional Historical Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov, Kyustendil - 2004-2006