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The medieval defense tower in Kyustendil known under the name of Pirkova Tower is situated in the central part of the town near the Roman therms. The name Pirkova comes from the Greek word pirogs, which means tower. This defense tower is considered to have been built at the end of 14th century and the beginning of 15th century. Professor Yordan Ivanov compares the Pirkova Tower in his book Northern Macedonia to the defense towers in Vidin and he assumes that they date back to this very period.
The tower has an almost square shape, sized 8,25 meters by 8,35 meters and is 15 meters in height. It has a ground floor and 3 other floors above, the third of which, in one of its halves, is divided in two semi floors.
The ground floor functioned as storage. On the first floor there is a northern overarched entrance, a stone fireplace in the southern wall, which was used for heating, as well as two loopholes. The second floor was used for living. It has a fireplace, a niche, 3 vertical and 2 round loopholes and a gallery with a place for sanitary needs. The third floor was used for circular defense.
The Pirkova Tower gives evidence of the architectural and building techniques used in the defense system in the medieval town of Velbazhd.
The tower is a monument of national importance.
To visit the monument contact the guide at the near-by exhibition hall of the Ahmed Bey mosque (close to the Roman Therms). Tel.: 00359 78 / 550124

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