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Architectural and archaeological park Pautalia-Velbuzhd

With Memorandum 16 of Government of Republic of Bulgaria (21.02 1977) the area of ancient Pautalia and medieval Velbuzhd is considered as National Architectural and Archaeological Park. Borders of preserved area are drawn up, a security line, wide 50 m is marked around fortress walls in town center and on the hill Hissarluk. Rules for archaeological and architectural research within the Park, construction, landscaping and synthesis of cultural monuments with modern town environment are listed in Memorandum 7 of Committee of Art and Culture and Committee of Architecture and Landscaping (State Newspaper 77/1977). Applying the requirements in this memorandum made possible the research of several archaeological sites in Kyustendil. Researched monuments and found remnants revealed in general different periods in town development since eneolith to Late Medieval Era. Among the largest sites, explored in the Park, and of great significance, are: Hissarluk, Cell School, Partys Hall, Youths Hall, Eastern Gate, Art Gallery, Reading Hall, Dervish Bath, etc. Revealed architectural complexes are of high historical value, date back since Roman and Early Byzantine period (Roman Spa, South Tower, Eastern Gate), conservation work is done on them and are exhibited.

  1. Architectural Park map
  2. Mosaics floor in southern sector of Basilica 7
  3. General view of ancient and late ancient architectural complex, revealed on site Dervish Bath
  4. Graphic reconstruction of antcient street with stores, archaeologically researched on site Ambulance. Author: Architect July Phurkov

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Regional Historical Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov, Kyustendil - 2004-2006