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Archaeological objects - Medieval period

Medieval period

Archaeological monuments from Kyustendil and its region suggest valuable data, concerning events and problems of Bulgarian medieval history. Consisting of South-Western ranges of Bulgarian kingdom, the region followed its historical fate, and in the meantime, had different features in its development. The region existed for two and a half centuries in Bulgarian State borders. In other periods it was part of Byzantine Empire (end of 6th middle 9th century; 11th-12th) and Serbian Kingdom end of 13th middle 14th century; since 1372 it became in tributary dependence of Sultan Murad .
Administrative, economical and military center in region was Velbugd, that originated upon ancient Pautalia. For first time its name appeared in honorary of Emperor Vasiliy from 1019. In the last quarter of 14th century the town was a capital of brothers Ioan and Constantin Dejan Kingdom.
Archaeological excavations of medieval monuments were done in Kyustendil, villages Nevestino, Goranovci, Razhdavitca and town of Dupnica. Fragments of vessels were found in excavations of Late Antiquity Germanea (town of Sapareva Banya). Most sites from this period were explored within Archaeological Park Pautalia-Velbuzd.
Medieval settlements were located near villages Nevestino, Vaksevo, town of Sapareva Banya, village Nikolitchevci, Goranovci, Razhdavitca, Sushitca and Jaravino (total number is 8). Evidence of fortresses is found in Kyustendil, Granica, Razhdavitca, Dolno Yino, Dragoitchinci, Pastuh, town of Boboshevo, Stob and town of Dupnica(total number is 9). Medieval necropolises are happened to be in Kyustendil, Nikolitchevci and Razhdavitca. The average great number of preserved churches in the region 34. The most remarkable among them is St. George Church in Kolusha, Kyustendil, St. Nichola Church in Sapareva Banya, St. Theodor and St. Dimitar in Boboshevo, church in the village of Murvodol.
In archaeological researches of medieval sites in Kyustendil and its region prominent Bulgarian scholars participated among them Academician Jordan Ivanov, Prof. Givka Vazharova, Prof. Stamen Mihailov, etc.

  1. Map of Town of Velbuzhd and its territory ( according Jordan Ivanov)
  2. Church in the village of Murvodol
  3. St. Nichola Church in Sapareva Banya
  4. St. Dimitar in Boboshevo mural painting inside the churc

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Regional Historical Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov, Kyustendil - 2004-2006