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Project RECALL. Recalling the Roma and Sinti Holocaust: Paths Inside the Memory

    Ref. number: 555489-CITIZ-1-2014-1-IT-CITIZ-REMEM
    Project duration: October 1st, 2014 September 30th, 2015
    Subsidy: Europe for Citizens Programme, Strand 1 European Remembrance
    Leading Partner: Opera Nomadi Nazionale
    Lucian Blaga University (Sibiu, Romania)
    Romani Criss (Bucharest, Romania)
    AcademicianYordan Ivanov Regional History Museum (Kyustendil, Bulgaria)
    LARGO Organization (Kyustendil, Bulgaria)
    Vidya Artie Culture dell Asia (Rome, Italy)

    Project scope:
    The Project is focused on the Roma and Sinti Holocaust during the Second World War, the so called "Samudaripen" (in Romania) and "Porrajmos" (in Italy).
    Project aims:

    - realizing interactive educational activities on the Holocaust of Roma and Sinti people in Europe, with special regard on 3 case studies: Italy, Romania, Bulgaria;

    - rising and promoting awareness about the history of the Samudaripen, phenomenon still today, disregarded and ignored in its real proportions; still less known for the vast public is the massive, organized deportation of Roma people from Romania in the East area (Transnistria untill the Bug), a subject hidden until the 90s and largely ignored, or even denied nowadays. Moreover, the project aims at telling another unknown history: the contribution given by Roma and Sinti people to the Resistance against Nazism, phenomenon that had huge relevance in Bulgaria but that took place also in Italy and Romania;

    - preserving and commemorating the memory of Samudaripen and investigating the cultural representations of it through the generations, realizing short audio-visual clips in the three countries;

    - promoting awareness among the European citizens (both young and adult) about that page of the European History, thus promoting a feeling of citizenship among the Roma and Sinti people, who are the most numerically significant minority group in Europe;

    - promoting the awareness among Romas and Sinti about this part of their history (in particular, among the youngsters).

    This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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The project RECALLING THE ROMA AND SINTI HOLOCAUST. PATHS INSIDE THE MEMORY (RECALL) was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme "Europe for Citizens"

    Applicable to the Strand 2 Measure 2.2 "Networks of Towns"Measure 2.3 "Civil Society Projects"Strand 1 "European Rememberance"

    N. 6 events have been carried out within this project:

    Event 1
    Participation: The event involved 29 citizens, including 1 participant from the city of Enna (Italy),
    1 participant from the city of Naples (Italy).
    Location/Dates: The event took place in Rome, Italy, from 30/09/2015 to 30/09/2015.
    Short description: The aim of the event, organised by Opera Nomadi Nazionale, was to inaugurate the start of the project, and to raise awareness among the target groups (secondary school students, teachers, members of civil society, stakeholders, community organizations active in the promotion of interculture, historical documentation and human rights ) about the project and the planned events (workshops, exhibition, commemorative events). Participated in this event, among others, the Delegate for Memory Politics of the Municipality of Rome, Carla Di Veroli, the Municipal Councillor Mauro Cioffari, the UNAR Officer Alessandro Pistecchia, as well as teachers of some schools (Maria Vittoria Serru and Prof. Daniela Cola) and the representatives of the voluntary sector (as Ernesto Nassi, president of the Association ANPI - National Association of Italian Partisans, Dr. Andrea Maccarrone, President of Homosexual Cultural Circle Mario Mieli). It contributed to the event also the Italian Parliament Mattiello, who sent a communication related to the project activities. Professor Giorgio Giannini, an Italian researcher expert in the field of exterminations forgotten, also took part in the event.

    Event 2
    Participation: The event involved 56 citizens, including 56 participants from the city of Rome (Italy).
    Location/Dates: The event took place in Rome, Italy, at the prestigious Carroccio Room at the Capitolium from 18/02/2015 to 18/02/2015.
    Short description: The aim of the event, organised by the Opera Nomadi Nazionale, was to introduce and share the results of the interactive workshops held under the project in the some schools in Rome: Comprehensive School Nuovo Ponte di Nona and Istituto Magistrale Vittorio Gassman. Students and teachers had the opportunity to interact actively with Roma people and scholars, giving back testimonies about their experience and the work done during the educational workshops under the RECALL project.
    The event was attended by numerous Roma children (14) as well as by: Senator Massimo Cervellini, promoter, together with the Opera Nomadi Nazionale, of the proposal to integrate the Law n.211 instituting the Memorial Day in Italy, with the inclusion of the so-called forgotten massacres, that is those killings whose victims were Roma, Sinti and Travelers but also homosexuals, disabled people and Jehovah's Witnesses; Claudio Procaccia, representative of the Jewish Community; Alessandro Pistecchia, Officer at the UNAR - National Contact Point for Roma inclusion strategy, Sinti and Travelers; Andrea Maccarrone, President of the Homosexual Cultural Circle Mario Mieli; the scholar Giorgio Giannini, expert in the forgotten exterminations and author of several books about it.

    Event 3
    Participation: The event involved 44 citizens, including 1 from the city of Sofia (Bulgaria), 2 from the city of Budapest (Hungary), 2 from the city of Rome (Italy), 4 from the city of Cluj-Napoca (Romania), 2 from the city of Bucharest (Romania), 33 from the city of Sibiu (Romania).
    Location/Dates: The event took place in Sibiu, Romania, from 26/02/2015 to 27/02/2015.
    Short description: The aim of the event was to organise an international Conference (two study days), entitled Porajmos/ Samudaripen and Collective Memory in Twentieth-Century Southeastern Europe. This event was aimed to raise awareness of local civil society and of university students, stakeholders and local associations promoting, through the presence of international scholars, and to promote the knowledge and the debate on the terrible deportations suffered by Roma people to Transnistria, occurred in Romania. Another goal was to celebrate the memory of the Roma Holocaust as well as the racial persecution suffered by this ethnic group in Europe. They took part in the conference scholars from several Universities and research Institutes, such as: Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca, University of Basilicata in Italy, University St. Kliment Ohridski of Sofia, Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities of Cluj-Napoca, Elie Wiesel National Institute, Roman Institute, Vienna Wiesenthal Institute for Holocaust Studies, among the others.

    Event 4
    Participation: The event involved 123 citizens (43 people attending the press conference and 80 attending the exhibition opening), including 18 participants (15 children performing traditional gypsy dances and songs and 3 museum specialists presenting the exhibition) from the city of Kyustendil, Bulgaria.
    Location/Dates: The event took place in Kyustendil, Bulgaria, from 08/04/2015 to 08/04/2015
    Short description: The aim of the event was to present and promote the exhibition Roma People in Kyustendil Region History, Popular Customs and Culture. It was displayed in the House Museum of Dimiter Peshev which houses the permanent museum exhibition devoted to the saving of Bulgarian Jewish people during the Second World War. It comprised 22 full coloured educational posters including photos, facsimiles of scientific publications and periodicals, texts and materials revealing the life of the Roma people from the Kyustendil region since the time they migrated to the Bulgarian territories until nowadays. The texts describing their history, way of living and culture along with the photos annotations were written both in Bulgarian and English. The exhibition focused on several topics such as: Moving from the Town of Kyustendil into a New Quarter; The Communist Resistant Movement and the Gypsies; The Gypsies from Kyustendil during the Second World War; School and Education; Cultural Life and Community Center, etc. It shows also their public customs, traditions, rituals and crafts. Faiths and religions, and the respective family holidays among the Roma people are described too.

    Event 5
    Participation: The event involved 76 citizens, including 76 from the city of Bucharest, Romania.
    Location/Dates: The event took place in Bucharest, Romania, from 2/08/2015 to 2/08/2015.
    Short description: The aim of the event was to commemorate the Roma victims of the Holocaust in Romania. The event, organised by Romani Criss (Bucharest), was entitled Commemorating the victims of the Holocaust. Journey into the past and was attended by ordinary citizens as well as by:
    - Roma Holocaust survivors, who brought their testimony
    - History scholars
    - Students
    - Volunteers
    - Representatives of public Institutions and NGOs

    During the event, ample space was given to: testimonies of Porrajmos/Samudaripen survivors; commemoration of the deportations of Roma in Transnistria from 1942 to 1944; the current situation of the Roma in Europe and in Romania; the situation of the Roma Holocaust survivors: legal issues; Roma Holocaust: the myth of the cardboard boats; the Roma in Romania: Myth and Reality.

    Event 6
    Participation: The event involved 44 citizens, including 43 from the city of Rome, Italy, and 1 from the city of Sibiu, Romania.
    Location/Dates: The event took place in Rome, Italy, from 25/09/2015 to 25/09/2015.
    Short description: The aim of the event was to share the results achieved in a year by the RECALL project. It was organized by the Opera Nomadi Nazionale and was devoted to the presentation of the products produced so far: from the educational activities to the video interviews, result of field researches coordinated by Opera Nomadi Nazionale, by the University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu and by the regional History Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov in Kyustendil; the project website; the brochure; the e-book including works produces by school pupils during the educational workshops carried out under the project, and based on a participatory methodology and storytelling. They participated to the event: Ms. Rita Sassu, responsible for the Italian Point of Contact of the Europe for Citizens programme; Irene Salerno, researcher at the University of Basilicata and coordinator of the RECALL project, who illustrated the results achieved in Italy and abroad by the project RECALL; Rudi Salkanovich, son of a Roma persecuted partisan; Prof. Corneliu Pintilescu, Professor of History at the partner Institution University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu; Massimo Cervellini, Senator of the Italian Republic, who explained the importance to integrate the Italian Law 211; Andrea Maccarrone, who brought the testimony of the homosexual community in Rome; the scholar George Giannini; Alessandro Pistecchia, Officer at the UNAR - National Contact Point for Roma inclusion strategy, Sinti and Travelers.




Regional Historical Museum Academician Yordan Ivanov, Kyustendil - 2004-2006